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The BAMS Solution

The BADASS Manual Squeegee (BAMS) is ergonomically engineered to increase the comfort and ease with which you print.

The normal way of printing stresses your body in a way that isn’t natural. Constantly pinching a squeegee creates tension that radiates up through your wrists and into your shoulders.  Your body simply isn’t designed to pinch and push (or pull) all day. Years of printing this way can lead to permanent peripheral nerve damage.

The BAMS’ comfortable, cushioned, wash-friendly, bicycle-style grips position your wrists at a natural angle while eliminating the need to pinch.  The engineered design transfers the stress of printing from your wrists and shoulders  to your core - a factor that makes it safer for your body. The BAMS has a rock-solid, all-aluminum design, ensuring that your squeegee won’t flex. This is crucial to consistently achieving great prints. Each BAMS comes with long-lasting 70 durometer rubber already installed so that you can start printing more naturally right out of the box!


Which will you choose? Push or Pull