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CDF LEXAR | Photopolymer (SBQ) Capillary Direct Film system

CDF Lexar is a series of SBQ (pure photopolymer) Capillary Direct Films for use with solvent-based inks. CDF Lexar is easy to reclaim and well suited to the printing of flat-stock graphics, plastisols for textiles, POP displays, computer-to-screen (CTS), containers, printable adhesives, and advertising specialties. The red film is coated on a matte-surfaced polyester. This imparts a slight texture to the printing surface of the stencil, thus minimizing hydrostatic attraction to the printing stock under conditions of high humidity, and electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions. CDF Lexar is coated at thicknesses of 15 (for mesh counts of 165 or more threads /cm. ≈ 419+ /in.), 20 (100 – 165 /cm.) ( 305-420 /in.), 30 (90 – 120 /cm.) ( 230 – 350 /in.), and 50 (33 – 77 /cm.) (86 – 196 /in.).



Matte-surfaced polyester backing imparts textured surface to the printing surface of stencils

Minimizes hydrostatic attraction to printing stock under high humidity conditions
Minimizes electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions

Good solvent resistance

Reclaims easily without staining screen fabric

Red, high-contrast color

Easy stencil inspection and see-through registration

Easy to Use

Minimal training required
“Pre-coated” stencils = perfect stencils—every time
Consistent exposure time
Consistent stencil thickness = control of ink deposits—and ink costs
Wet processing reduces drying time and pinholes; speeds production

Fast exposure and processing

Fast stencil turnaround
Significantly less labor and production time
Wide exposure latitude

Formats: Available in rolls or custom-cut sheets (no mess, no waste!)

Product Fact Sheet (English) 

Tech Data Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (Spanish)