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CDF VISION PLUS| Enhanced cross-linking yields sharp printing shoulders and mechanical durability

CDF® VISION PLUS™ is a diazo dual-cure Capillary Direct Film. Its special formulation controls mesh penetration and forms an enhanced cross-linking “matrix” during exposure, resulting in sharp printing shoulders, providing stencil toughness and excellent mechanical durability. Very stringent particulate-size control eliminates granularity effects, resulting in superb resolution and edge definition. Under high humidity conditions, CDF® VISION PLUS™series resists polishing in the roll and fingerprints, and under low humidity, curling in the shop. CDF® VISION PLUS™ is fully compatible with UV inks, vinyl inks, and virtually all solvent-based inks. CDF® VISION PLUS™ features easy reclamation and leaves minimal to no haze upon stencil removal. CDF® VISION PLUS™is coated to the thickness(es) of 18(20)μm and 25μm.

CDF® VISION PLUS™ 18/20 is a diazo dual-cure Capillary Direct Film recommended for mesh counts of 120-165threads/cm.(305-420threads/inch). Its anti-halation properties significantly reduce light scattering and improve resolution and edge definition. It has extremely wide exposure latitude. CDF® VISION PLUS™ 18/20 is compatible with UVs, vinyls, and virtually all solvent-based inks. It is suited to such printing applications as: electronics, circuit traces, membrane switches, halftones, CDs and DVDs, ceramic decals, posters, and containers and bottles.

CDF® VISION PLUS™ 25 is a recommended for mesh counts of 88-130threads/cm.(225-330 threads/inch). If features deep contrast violet color, easy to inspect and register. It has wide exposure latitude. It is suited to the following printing applications: electronics, circuit traces, membrane switches, functional glass, decorative glass and other industrial printing applications.



Excellent imaging properties

Enhanced cross-linking results in sharp printing shoulders
Microfiltration controls particle size, reducing granularity effects
Superb acutance (printed edge definition) and resolution

Solvent resistant

Compatible with aggressive inks and solvents
Reclaims easily without staining screen fabric

Humidity resistant

Resists polishing in rolls
No fingerprinting

Extremely Easy to Use

Minimal training required
“Pre-coated” stencils = perfect stencils—every time
Consistent exposure time
Consistent stencil thickness = control of ink deposits—and ink costs
Wet processing reduces drying time and pinholes; speeds production

Fast exposure and processing

Fast stencil turnaround
Significantly less labor and production time
Wide exposure latitude

Formats: Available in rolls or custom-cut sheets (no mess, no waste!)

Product Fact Sheet

Tech Data Sheet (CDF VISION PLUS - 18)

Tech Data Sheet (CDF VISION PLUS - 25)