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  • Prints and cures up to six colors simultaneously

  • UV cure stations operate independently

  • Maximum image areas from

Conquest™ is M&R's versatile multi-color UV carousel printing system. Its unique design reduces labor costs by printing and curing up to six colors simultaneously. Since substrates don’t need to be dried and stacked between colors, they don’t have to be handled repeatedly. This prevents dimensional changes to substrates, and is especially beneficial for fragile substrates like glass. Since Conquest delivers finished prints in one revolution, it's possible to do color and registration adjustments for customer approval prior to the production run.

Conquest can index in either direction, and features automatically synchronized gear-driven screen peel and M&R’s ink retrieval system. UV cure stations operate independently and ensure uniform coverage by traversing the substrate during the print cycle. Traverse speed is independently controlled at each station. Wattage settings for each station are independent, and are controlled at the main panel. Each lamp has independent wattage settings and is capable of fully independent operation. Conquest’s standard 118 watts/cm (300 watts/in) cure system can be set at 49, 79, 98, or 118 watts/cm (125, 200, 250, or 300 watts/in). Conquest also offers a 400-watt UV curing system and the M&R Switchback™ UV curing system. The optional 157 watts/cm (400 watts/in) system can be set at 63, 79, 118, and 157 watts/cm (160, 200, 300, and 400 watts/in). The optional Switchback system is infinitely variable from 63 to 157 watts/cm (160 to 400 watts/in), and accepts three types of UV lamps—Ferric/Iron Oxide, Gallium, and Mercury Vapor (standard)—allowing operators to select the optimal curing source and intensity for even the most difficult ink/substrate combinations.

Conquest’s optional above-table double-sided sheet locator allows operators to load from any corner for double-sided work. Porter™, M&R’s fully adjustable suction-style takeoff, adapts to virtually any substrate. All this adds up to print quality and UV curing performance simply unobtainable with other manufacturers’ carousel print/cure systems. The product image includes the optional Porter Automatic Takeoff System.

Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 340 l/min (12 cfm)
Diameter 861 cm (28’ 3")
Electrical Requirements @ 118 watts/cm (300 watts/in) 208/230 V, 3 ph, 294/277 A, 50/60 Hz, 113 kW
400 V, 3 ph, 164 A, 50/60 Hz, 113 kW
460 V, 3 ph, 138 A, 60 Hz, 113 kW
Electrical Requirements @ 157 watts/cm (400 watts/in) 208/230 V, 3 ph, 350/329 A, 50/60 Hz, 134 kW
400 V, 3 ph, 194 A, 50/60 Hz, 134 kW
460 V, 3 ph, 164 A, 60 Hz, 134 kW
Maximum Frame Size 112 x 147 x 5 cm
(44" x 58" x 2")
Maximum Image Area 64 x 97 cm (25" x 38")
Shipping Weight 7711 kg (17,000 lb)
Standard Features


  • Servo-driven index ensures accurate, smooth travel
  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • 1-6 colors (6 colors standard)
  • Control panel is easy to navigate, with programming and prompts in plain language
  • Digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics
  • Dwell and load station vacuum times are independently managed from the control panel
  • Flood/non-flood setting allows screens to be flooded or left unflooded after each print cycle
  • Foot pedal pauses machine cycle, releases vacuum at the load table, and keeps paper locators firmly against the vacuum bed
  • Press can index in either direction so that during proofing the operator can alter the order of screen/color application on test prints without having to tear down and set up for each variation
  • Production speed monitor ensures more accurate job costing
  • Delivers optimal cure to heat-sensitive and heat-resistant stock
  • Digital elapsed time meter monitors lamp life
  • Easy-access housing simplifies maintenance and lamp changing
  • UV heads are independently controlled
  • UV units shuttle across substrates concurrent with print strokes to sustain cycle speed and provide uniform coverage
  • Vitran II Cure System—118 watts/cm (300 watts/in) cure system can be set at 49, 79, 98, or 118 watts/cm (125, 200, 250, or 300 watts/in) (Accepts Mercury Vapor Lamps only)
  • Designed for everything from ultra-thin substrates to heavy board stock
  • Maintenance-free, brushless AC electric motors with variable-frequency drives
  • Electronically adjustable ink retrieval system keeps ink in the print area. See it in action!
  • Tool-free four-corner off-contact settings allow quick and accurate screen leveling
  • Zero off-contact capability increases control over print quality
  • Automatically synchronized gear-driven peel
  • Flat-flood capability
  • Infinitely adjustable within range
  • Adjustable, tool-free front and rear sensors located on the printhead
  • Dynamic braking prevents the print carriage from drifting into the printing area
  • Independent drives for print carriage and head lift
  • Master frame with micro-registration adjustments and visual guides allow quick and easy setup
  • Adjustable screen holders accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Front screen loading for fast screen changes
  • Manual clamps lock frame securely in place
  • Pneumatic screen clamps
  • Calibrated independent and micro-adjustable pressure settings
  • Park position simplifies squeegee and floodbar installation and removal, and allows flood and squeegee to be raised and moved to the front or rear without flooding or printing
  • Squeegee and floodbar traverse speeds can be set individually
  • Squeegee pressure equalizer regulator ensures uniform squeegee pressure
  • Tool-free pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks
  • Tool-free pressure and angle adjustments are independently set
  • 5 cm (2”) thick heavy-gauge anodized aluminum vacuum bed is drilled using computerized numerical control (CNC)
  • Adjustable vacuum at load station aids operator in loading stock
  • High-volume vacuum turbine system easily adjusts to different stock type and thickness
  • Up-front access for easy setup and adjustment
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • M&R OEM parts—including genuine M&R pallets & platens—and screen printing supplies are available online at
  • One-year limited warranty




  • M&R’s Porter™ is a fully adjustable suction-style takeoff that adapts to virtually any substrate
  • Switchback Cure System—infinitely adjustable from 63 to 157 watts/cm (160 to 400 watts/in)—accepts three types of UV lamps: Mercury Vapor, Ferric/Iron Oxide, and Gallium, allowing operators to select the optimal curing source and intensity for even the most difficult ink/substrate combinations
  • Vitran II Cure System—157 watts/cm (400 watts/in) UV cure system with settings of 63, 79, 118, and 157 watts/cm (160, 200, 300, & 400 watts/in) (Accepts Mercury Vapor Lamps only)
  • Above-table double-sided sheet locator allows operator to load from any corner for double-sided work
  • Dripless squeegee attachment automatically flips to the opposite direction against the front of the floodbar before the flood stroke begins, preventing ink from dripping into the image area