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CTS-FAST/CTS-FAST BLUE | Very Fast, Pure Photopolymer (SBQ) Screen Emulsion for Computer-to-Screen Exposure Systems

CTS-FAST is an SBQ-sensitized, pure photopolymer direct emulsion intended for exposure using CST UV units and for printing using conventional UV or solvent-based inks. It is recommended for the production of general large-format work, such as posters, outdoor advertising, and other large-scale industrial applications. CTS-FAST is a ready-to-use, high solids emulsion that requires as few as one coat for a good printing edge, even on coarse fabric. CTS-FAST has excellent coating properties, good solvent resistance, and durability. The very fast exposure speed of CTS-FAST makes it ideal for pixel exposure—and, in turn, allows faster throughput, as well as savings on expensive CTS bulbs. Viscosity: 4500 – 5500 centipoise.



Very fast exposure with good exposure latitude

Excellent wet strength
Reliable performance

Pre-sensitized; pure photopolymer (SBQ)

No mixing; ready-to-use
Idea for warm, humid climates
Long pot and coated screen life

33% solids content

Fast drying and stencil throughput
Good stencil build per coat

Good solvent resistance

Easy to reclaim

Moisture Resistant

Will not become tacky under high humidity conditions

High Contrast Color

Good see-through registration
Easy inspection on white or dyed fabric

CTS-FAST is available in U.S. 1 and 5 gallon units (≈ 3.78 and 18.9 liters, respectively).

Product Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (English)