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The Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven by BBC Industries, Inc. is the industry's newest generation. Its patented electric infrared flat panel heaters are long lasting and maintenance free. The Series 7000 creates a superior unitized and protected load. Utilizing the efficiency of Black Body® infrared heaters, coupled with our chamber design, palletized loads are securely shrink-wrapped and ready for shipping or storage. 

Create your own Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven here and contact us today for a custom quote!


  • Superior Load Stability While Eliminating Costly Banding and Secondary Operations
  • Six-sided Containment to Keep Dirt and Moisture Out
  • Up to 50 Pallets per Hour
  • Fully Electronic Operation – NO OPEN FLAME
  • Customizable Levels of Automation
  • Flexible and Modular Design for Stand-alone System or Integrate into Existing Conveyor System
  • Low Maintenance, Simple Operation, and Easy Installation
  • Customize Our Equipment to Your Product

All systems are manufactured and tested at our Pacific, Missouri, facility. No matter the construction, whether in a rolled roofing plant, concrete block facility or paper mill, the Dual Force® Series 7000 can efficiently and reliably secure your palletized loads!

See specific System details below to find the Dual Force Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven to meet your needs.

Or Contact Us today to speak to one of our experienced BBC infrared heater professionals to discuss your specific needs!

System A

Bell with PedestalSystem A - Bell with Pedestal

Entry level system. Load is placed on an elevated pedestal centered under the Shrink Bell. Heater ring dwells at the underside of the load, fixing the shrink bag to the bottom of the load. Forklift required.

System B

Bell with Under-Shrink Pedestal

Similar to System A except Pedestal contains a blower to evacuate expanding air from the shrink bag while it heats, ensuring superior load containment within a tightly fit shrink bag. Forklift required.

System C

Bell with Floor Flush Lift

A scissors lift designed to be mounted in a floor pit that retracts flush to the shop floor, allowing pallet jack entry. The load elevates during the shrink cycle for proper load containment. System C can be designed either with or without an Under-Shrink Blower.

System D

Bell with Single Automatic Dolly

Does not require forklift entry into Bell Oven. The Dolly is loaded away from the Bell Oven, eliminating the risk of damaging the unit. Once the cycle is started, the Dolly moves under the Shrink Bell and returns the load to the starting position when complete for unloading and reloading. Forklift required.

System E

Dual Automatic Dolly

Same as System D with increased production capacity. While one load is processing in the Shrink Bell, the other Dolly can be loaded and unloaded, saving time and effort. Forklift required.

System F

Bell with Conveyors

Our most automated system. An array of photo eyes process the load along a string of conveyors. The center conveyor contains a lift for elevating the load during the shrink cycle. System F can be a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing conveyor line with handshake communication for a smooth transition. Additional options can include multiple staging conveyors, load centering devices, and pallet jack lift, just to name a few.


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