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The EasiFlo™ Recirculating System is a unique, affordable solvent-recirculating system that will dramatically reduce the number of chemicals used in removing ink from screens. The EasiFlo System triple filters (bag filter, sludge baffle, two cartridge filters) the screen cleaning solvent as you wash screens, which provides maximum solvent life. 

* Additional $150.00 crate charge applied to the order at checkout

Key Features:

  • Polypropylene tank with pneumatic (air-driven) pump
  • Two bag filters ad two cartridge filters
  • 10' spray hose
  • Spray gun
  • Handle
  • Brush

Please note, the EasiFlo E-30P works with all Easiway washout booths.

How to use:

From the booth, the solution will flow through 2 removable bag filters into the main basin (sludge baffle), through 2 canister filters on the end, and then back through the brush system located in the booth.

** Please call ahead to get accurate lead times and to place an order. E-30P lead times are typically 4-6 weeks from the time of order.