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EasiSolv™ Screen Perfect Degreaser is a concentrated liquid (1:20) that provides a revolutionary, radical approach to preparing mesh for emulsion coating and film application. This unique union of water-based polymeric components will simply eliminate many of the common problems experienced in screen making. Pinholes and fisheyes are eliminated. Thick and thin spots on emulsion-coated screens will disappear. Screens look and feel smoother. Print life is extended. Screens rinse out easily. Mesh reclaims simply. EasiSolv Screen Perfect will provide all of these benefits and eliminate the need for a screen degreaser, mesh prep, and wetting agent. This product has no VOCs.

Mix screen perfect degreaser at one part chemical to 20 parts water.

Ink Types

 Plastisol, Silicone, Waterbased, UV/Solvent, Conductive, Industrial

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