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EasiStrip Supra One Step Ink Cleaner & Emulsion Remover is designed to dissolve plastisol inks and remove emulsion from the screen printing mesh-at the same time. This product is for use in a dip tank-for superior time and chemical savings. EasiStrip Supra is an ultra- concentrated liquid and designed to be mixed with water 1:5 while remaining homogenous. With EasiStrip SUPRA, textile screens can be cleaned for pennies by combining many of the cleaning processes into one.  EasiStrip SUPRA is a zero VOC, low odor, non-flammable, non-hazardous product which will provide the benefits of less labor, less expense and improved efficiency to the screen cleaning and reclaiming operation. This concentrated one step ink & emulsion remover is designed to be used as part of the Easiway dip tank system.

Special Features


EasiStrip SUPRA dissolves and cleans ink, emulsion & blockout in one step which makes the job of screen reclaiming much faster and more efficient.
EasiStrip SUPRA has no odor which makes the job of screen reclaiming much more pleasant.
EasiStrip SUPRA has no VOCs making this product safer than solvents for air quality concerns.
EasiStrip SUPRA is non-flammable which makes it safer for handling, storage and rag disposal than conventional solvents.



Application for Use in a Dip Tank:
Mix EasiStrip SUPRA at a ratio of up to 1:5 with water in a plastic tank.
Scrape excess ink from screen.
Place screen in dip tank.
Let soak in tank until the emulsion/film loosens from screen, usually 2-4 minutes.
High pressure rinse screen, then flood rinse.
If stubborn stains remain, apply an Easiway Systems, Inc. approved stain remover, scrub and rinse.
Application for Manual Use:
Scrape excess ink from screen.
Apply EasiStrip SUPRA by brush, wipe, scrub pad or spray to the print side of screen and scrub.
Apply to the ink (well) side of screen and scrub.
High pressure rinse from the print side followed by high pressure rinse from the well side, giving good attention to the image area and frame.
Flood rinse entire screen with low pressure rinse.
If stubborn stains remain, apply an Easiway Systems approved stain remover, scrup and rinse.