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  • Clean up to 450 screens in an 8 hr. shift with one operator

  • Accepts screen sizes up to 142 x 97 cm (56” x 38”)

  • Three modules capture and recirculate chemicals for economic and environmental benefits

The Eco-Tex™ Modular provides the ideal solution for screen printing companies that want to automate the screen cleaning and reclaiming process while increasing productivity and saving on labor and chemicals.

Since all three of the Eco-Tex™ modules are enclosed, they improve the working environment by reducing direct exposure to screen-processing chemicals. The individual chambers keep cleaning and reclaiming chemicals separated to maximize their effectiveness. Environmental impact is reduced by recirculation and filtration systems that avoid unnecessary waste.

The first module applies ink removal chemistry and allows drip-off time for chemical recirculation. The second module applies emulsion remover to soften the emulsion. The third module power-washes the screens removing the emulsion. The final stop is a backlit inspection station that allows operators to clearly inspect screens before they go back into circulation.

Each stainless-steel chamber automatically cycles screens for processing, (typically two at a time*) while industrial grade pumps recirculate chemicals through easy-to-clean filters, preventing foreign matter from contaminating chemicals and spray nozzles. Chemical savings and process consistency were paramount concerns when designing the Eco-Tex modular.

A large user-friendly touchscreen interface allows operators to easily see current process status and settings. JobRecall™ allows users to establish best settings by ink and screen type and then save them as recipes that can be quickly recalled on the fly. Adjustable spray times, pressure settings, and automated dosing pump timer can be set to optimize cleaning performance and keep process times consistent.

The Eco-Tex™ Modular is ergonomically designed to minimize operator fatigue with its low set easy-to-load screen chase system. The small footprint allows Eco-Tex modular to fit in screen rooms without costly expansions. Additional screen chases are available in standard and custom sizes to fit most screen-frame sizes up to 142 x 97cm (56” x 38”) or less.

Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Air @ 6.89 bar (100 psi) 142 l/min (5 cfm)
Electrical Requirements Combined Electrical Specs: 208/230V, 3 ph, 107 A, 50/60Hz, 26 kW
  • Power Drop 1: Ink Removal Module: 208/230 V, 3 ph, 35 A
  • Power Drop 2: Reclaim Module: 208/230 V, 3 ph, 35 A
  • Power Drop 3: Power Rinse Module: 208/230 V, 3 ph, 37 A
Exhaust Requirements 10 cm (4") ducts @2
Maximum Screen Frame Size 142 x 97 cm (56” x 38”)
Overall Size (W x D x H) 684 x 104 x 206 cm (265.5" x 41.0" x 81.0")
Shipping Weight 2268 kg (5000 lb)
Standard Features


  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Digital touchscreen control panel with onboard self-diagnostics controls all machine functions
  • Job Recall™ allows operators to store operational parameters for similar and repeat runs
  • Programmable dosing pump automates the addition of fresh chemicals, with provisions for manual dosing when needed
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Emulsion-removal pump offers touchscreen control over programmable recipe functions
  • Automatic screen loading and unloading simplifies operation and minimizes labor requirements
  • Three standard* two-up screen-frame holders included (standard textile frame holders handle two 63.5 x 78.7 cm or 63.5 x 91.4 cm (23” x 31” or 25” x 36”) frames)
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Parts & supplies are available online at




  • Screen holders available in numerous sizes: Contact The M&R Companies for details