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EZ 50 ORANGE | Textile Capillary Direct Film; fast-exposing (SBQ)

EZ 50 ORANGE is a pure photopolymer (SBQ), pre-sensitized Capillary Direct Film appropriate for general sportswear printing. EZ 50 ORANGE is fast exposing and its high-contrast orange color “masks” halation and light scattering, thereby improving resolution without the need to use more-costly dyed mesh. EZ 50 ORANGE is coated on 300-gauge matte polyester. EZ 50 ORANGE (50 microns) is recommended for use with mesh counts ranging from 33 to 77 threads/cm. (86 – 196/inch.). EZ 50 ORANGE can be adhered with plain water, or with ORANGE ™ emulsion in the direct/indirect mode.



Textile Capillary film; fast-exposing (SBQ)

Control of ink deposit and ink costs
Consistent exposure time

Solvent resistant

Reclaims easily without staining screen fabric

Transparent orange color

Easy stencil inspection and see-through registration

Easy to Use

Minimal training required
Perfect stencils—every time

Fast exposure and processing

Fast stencil turnaround
Dries faster than direct emulsion

Formats: EZ-FILM-50 is available in prepackaged sheets ≈ 38 X 43 cm. (15 X 17 inches) and ≈ 43 X 60.9 cm. (17 X 24 inches), packaged 50 per box (2 X 25).

Product Fact Sheet (English) 

Tech Data Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (Spanish)