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EZ Clean Squeegees: With or without Rubber

Our EZ Clean Squeegees are designed to make the process of changing the rubber incredibly easy! With a simple loosening of the screws, the rubber effortlessly falls out, saving you time and hassle. We aptly named them EZ-Clean because there are no nuts and bolt heads sticking out, providing a seamless experience. We go the extra mile by countersinking one side and tapping the other, ensuring easy cleaning without snagging your wash rag.

Each EZ Clean Squeegee comes with 70 Durometer Rubber Installed or your choice of any standard or triple durometer. Our meticulous process involves slightly over-cutting the rubber and installing it with precision for straightness. After careful edge sanding and thorough cleanup, our squeegees are finished, resulting in the finest squeegees available in the market.

Every aspect of this squeegee has been carefully considered to ensure precision, easy rubber changes, and excellent cleanup capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Up to 48" Squeegees Available.
  • Squeegee holder is precise, and rubber is easy to change.
  • NO nut & bolt protrusions that snag your rag during wiping.
  • No openings or gaps between the profiles for ink to get trapped.
  • One side has countersunk through holes for flat head screws, and the other side is threaded. This eliminates nut & bolt protrusions that snag your rag during wiping.
  • All stainless steel screws for superior durability.

Upgrade to our EZ Clean Squeegees for a hassle-free experience, precise performance, and convenient rubber replacement.