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Universal Face Mask Pallet

The Universal Face Mask Pallet allows you to print a small logo or image anywhere on a flat fit or form fitted face mask. Available for Automatic and Manual screen printing machines.

    • Print Area: 3" x 3"

Why is this needed for Face Mask Printing?

Most Face masks are multiple layers of fabric. The traditional method of glue will not work.
If you are printing on a single layer face mask, it is not advisable to use adhesive due to the nature of it's use.

Pallet Design:

The head frame consists of three layers laminated together. The middle layer is rubber.
Because of the small size of the printing area, there is no need for a flange.
The spring-turnbuckle assembly has also been eliminated.
The head frame leans 10 degrees past 90 to keep it from falling down.
For finishing, parts that can be tumbled are tumbled, and various sanders are used on the head frame. Everything is smooth and pretty!