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  • Large maximum frame size: 83 cm x 121 cm (33" x 48")

  • Large single printhead design optimizes speed and image quality

  • i-Image KX exposes emulsion with a scanning high-output UV LED light source

M&R’s i-Image KX is an all-in-one large format computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure system. By combining CTS imaging and UV LED screen exposure in one machine, the KX dramatically reduces the time and effort required to prepare imaged screens. A shuttling gantry design minimizes floor space, while a wide single printhead provides fast imaging speeds and tremendous detail superior to traditional film positive processed screens. After imaging, the KX scans the imaged screen with a high-output UV LED array, exposing the emulsion, producing screens that can be taken directly to washout.

In order to ensure proper screen image placement, M&R designed the Tri-Sync™ System. The system’s PRINT button illuminates when the contact indicators determine that the screen has been properly locked in place, ensuring that every CTS-generated screen is correctly pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc registration system. In fact, the Tri-Sync System prevents images from being printed if the screen frame has not been properly loaded (this feature can be turned off). Every i-Image KX model also includes a Tri-Sync pallet. The pallet’s contact indicator lights up when the screen is properly positioned on the press, giving users the same confidence when registering screens on the press that they have when loading screens onto an i-Image unit. M&R’s Tri-Sync System virtually eliminates operator screen-loading errors on the i-Image KX or registration errors on the press.

i-Image KX uses specially-formulated, water-based UV-blocking ink and advanced high-resolution CTS inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. CTS imaging eliminates the cost, space and labor of traditional film, while delivering greater detail, smoother halftone transitions, and virtually eliminates exposure undercutting. And because the image information is digital, it’s easy to store and quick to retrieve.

The i-Image KX streamlines workflow and increases productivity, delivering fast, superior exposures with exponentially lower energy costs. Not only do UV LEDs use far less energy, they’re only on during the exposure process. M&R’s UV LEDs run cooler, save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production. And, unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require replacement every year or two, i-Image UV LEDs can last for decades. M&R backs the screen-exposure LEDs on the i-Image KX with a limited warranty against failure in normal use. i-Image KX, i-Image STE I and i-Image XE are covered under one or more of the following patents: 10,245,823.

Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 11.9 A, 50/60 Hz, 4.6 kW
Industrial Printheads Single only
Maximum Image Area 71 x 99 cm (28" x 39")
Maximum Screen Frame Profile 4.1 cm (1.63")
Maximum Screen Frame Size 83 x 121 cm (33" x 48")
Overall Size (H x W x L) 145 x 213 x 264 cm (57" x 84" x 104")
Screens per Shift 23" x 31" Screen: 500
33" x 48" Screen: 200
Shipping Weight 590 kg (1300 lb)
Standard Features


  • CE & UL compliant: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Can be user-customized for specific art types, various mesh counts, and types of emulsion
  • Digital workflow simplifies the imaging process
  • Eliminates the need for costly film
  • Improves image quality
  • Produces exceptional screen-to-screen registration
  • Promotes faster on-press setup and registration
  • Provides complete control of print parameters
  • Provides full image scaling and positioning
  • Reduces processing steps
  • Virtually eliminates pinhole touchup
  • Workflow can be customized for specific customer needs
  • Includes computer, monitor, and M&R’s proprietary software
  • Self-contained design speeds production by allowing placement in light-safe screen-coating rooms
  • Touchscreen panel with alphanumeric display
  • Combines CTS imaging and UV LED screen exposure in one machine
  • Dramatically reduces exposure time
  • Eliminates the need for a separate screen exposure unit
  • Exposes emulsion with a scanning UV LED light source (US Patent Pending. European Patent Application No. 14721111.4)
  • Job Recall™ allows storage and recall of numerous screen exposure values
  • The high density of M&R’s UV LEDs ensures the quickest exposures and the most uniform coverage available
  • UV LEDs use far less energy than metal halide lamps and are only on during the screen exposure process
  • Contact indicator ensures proper screen placement prior to imaging (the PRINT button lights up when the screen is locked in place)
  • Helps ensure that every CTS-generated screen is accurately pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc system
  • Prevents images from being printed if the screen frame has not been properly loaded (this feature can be turned off)
  • Tri-Sync Pallet (included) uses a similar contact indicator to ensure proper screen placement on the press
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • M&R OEM parts—including genuine M&R pallets & platens—and screen printing supplies are available online at
  • One-year limited warranty
  • The screen-exposure LEDs used in the i-Image KX carry a limited warranty against failure in normal use