KIWOCLEAN CIW-LF (CONCENTRATED INK WASH - LOW FOAMING) is a screen cleaning concentrate formulated to be diluted with water. It is very effective on Plastisol, UV, and water-based inks, as well as some solvent-based inks. Its high flash point and low foaming characteristic make it especially suitable for use in automatic screen washing units. KIWOCLEAN CIW - LF is mild in odor and biodegradable.

Container sizes: Quart, 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon drums
Product Number: 20810-(size)
VOC before dilution: 913 grams/liter 7.6 pounds/gallon
VOC after 1:2 dilution with water: 304 grams/liter 2.5 pounds/gallon
VOC after 1:3 dilution with water: 228 grams/liter 1.9 pounds/gallon
Flash Point: 200 °F (93°C)

Technical Information (TI) - instructions on usage and description of physical properties.

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