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  • 6-color/4-station entry-level manual screen printing press

  • Simplified off-contact adjustment provides excellent control

  • Lightweight, rugged, and exceptionally affordable

Kruzer™ is M&R’s most affordable entry-level manual screen printing press. Built with M&R’s rugged construction and innovative design, Kruzer includes numerous proven design features, including tapered-roller-bearing-supported upper and lower carousels, a precise micro-registration system, machined center shaft, and three-point pallet leveling system. Kruzer’s unique lever-adjusted off-contact system operates vertically, eliminating the need for a separate angle adjustment. Kruzer is offered in a 6-color/4-station model with a maximum image area of 41 x 46" (16" x 18") and a standard pallet size of 38 x 41 cm (15” x 16”). It’s designed to fit through a 78 cm (31") doorway when disassembled. Side screen holders and solid aluminum, low-profile, rubber-coated pallets are standard.

M&R’s System Integration design allows Kruzer to integrate seamlessly with the easy-to-use Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System, the industry’s most efficient way to set up and register screens on both manual and automatic screen printing presses. Kruzer’s maximum screen width—58 cm (23”)—also fits most automatic presses. Kruzer delivers unprecedented quality, performance, and value in a manual press. It’s ideal for startup screen printing shops and for small and mid-size automatic screen printing shops in need of an exceptionally affordable high-quality manual screen printing press for sampling and small runs. Kruzer ships disassembled and boxed for onsite assembly, but can be ordered fully assembled and crated (additional charges apply).

Save on Kruzer Self-Assembly
Order Kruzer disassembled and save on the purchase price, crating, and shipping. And assembly is unbelievably fast, especially with the help of M&R’s comprehensive assembly video. The press can be assembled by one person, though it’s easier with two. And the fastest recorded assembly time by two screen printers—who had never seen a Kruzer before—is an impressive 37 minutes. And almost any two people with a basic knowledge of hand tools (hex wrenches, crescent wrenches and hammer) should be able to assemble the press in well under two hours. Kruzer assembly is a great way to get great savings on a great press.

While Supplies Last!
With each Kruzer purchase, we’re including the M&R edition of Operation Screen Print: Killer Black Shirts by Dane Clement & Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants. The package is valued at $400, and is available while supplies last.

The Killer Black Shirts (KBS) training kit will teach you all you need to know about printing on black shirts, from artwork separations and screen preparation to printing positives—and everything in-between. KBS will stock your arsenal with knowledge so you can start turning out killer black shirts.

The M&R edition of Operation Screen Print: Killer Black Shirts includes:

  • Full-color instructional book filled with images, photos, general information, as well as step-by-step lessons from the creation of artwork all the way through the printed shirt.
  • Two DVDs loaded with tutorial videos on all stages of the artwork and screen printing processes, including creating production-ready artwork, burning screens, setting up the press, choosing inks, working with mesh, and more.
  • A sample black t-shirt with the full-color Tiger Imprint, a full-color Operation Screen Print vector logo back print, a one-color sleeve print, and one tag print.
  • Five film positives to practice printing your own Tiger shirts.
Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Diameter 243 cm (8’)
Maximum Image Area 41 x 46" (16" x 18")
Maximum Screen Width 58 cm (23”)
Shipping Weight 204 kg (450 lb)
Standard Pallet Size 38 x 41 cm (15” x 16”)
Stations/Colors 4/6
Standard Features


  • Designed & disassembled to fit through a 78 cm (31") doorway
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Machine-tooled and polished center shaft
  • Precise three-point pallet leveling system
  • Solid-aluminum, low-profile, rubber-coated pallets
  • Tool-free quick release pallet locks
  • Standard sizes are interchangeable with M&R automatic screen printing presses
  • Compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System
  • Hardened steel roller registration bearings provide excellent performance and durability
  • Lever-adjusted off-contact system operates vertically, eliminating the need for a separate angle adjustment
  • Micro-registration with zero set point guides
  • V-Guide locator system
  • Accommodate most frame types and manage screen sizes up to 58 cm (23”) wide
  • Enclosed spring system accommodates a wide variety of screen types, sizes, and weights
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • Parts & supplies are available online at
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Warranty includes the option of returning the press during the first year of ownership for full credit toward the purchase price of any new M&R automatic screen printing press (terms & conditions apply*)

    *Terms & Conditions: Normal wear and tear is acceptable, but the press must be returned in sound working order and without damage from abuse or misuse. The amount applied to the purchase of a new automatic press is limited to the price paid for the manual press. Crating, shipping, taxes, and other fees—as well as return shipping costs—are excluded.


  • Simplifies screen printing lined jackets, reversible/double layer mesh-type jerseys, and other multi-layer garments
  • M&R aluminum pallets and platens come in a wide range of sizes and styles