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Fast DTG Production on a Cosmic Scale

When the stars align in the sky at just the right moment, it can cause quite a stir. The POLARIS™ by M&R is a triple-star system: featuring two proven digital print stations that are framed with a durable indexer. The POLARIS is tomorrow’s DTG answer, delivered today.

Past-Proven, Future-Focused
M&R developed the POLARIS by merging the durability of the STRYKER™ Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press with the proven print engines of the DS‑4000™ Digital Squeegee® Hybrid Printing System. Working in concert with an onboard pretreater, heat presses and flashes, the Polaris is greater than the sum of its parts.

A Modern Approach to DTG
By combining successful screenprinting traits with our advancements in digital ink delivery, M&R has removed past limitations of digital artwork reproduction without sacrificing cost nor quality.

Polaris Overview
    • Built on proven M&R print engine technology from the DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® Hybrid Printing System

    • Supported by the durable framework of the STRYKER™ Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

    • Digital White Printhead: a multi-head digital print station solely dedicated to the application of smooth, deep white, digitally-printed underbases

    • Digital CMYK Printhead: A second digital print station applies Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black in rich, full color gamut at a rapid pace

    • Onboard Pretreater unit isolates the pretreat process, increases the speed of application and reduces steps

    • Inline Quartz Flashes and Heat Presses prepare garments all in the same workflow

  • POLARIS printing systems can be built to run clockwise or counter-clockwise to accommodate your work area