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PLATINUM™ | SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion for textile/ transfers/ imprinted sportswear printing with plastisol and water-based inks. Good for CTS, LED exposure units, automatic washout and reclaiming equipment.

Ulano Platinum is a ready-to-use SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear printing and other markets. It resists plastisol inks—including newer, more aggressive, post-phthalate plastisols—and most washup solvents, making it easy to reclaim in automatic equipment or by hand. It is formulated with a gray color that reduces light scattering throughout all spectral range —the major cause of loss of resolution. Platinum’s gray coloration is innovative way for Ulano to further expand the spectrum of possible stencil colorations, where not only it benefits emulsion cosmetically, but also functionally. Such coloration also combines good contrast with easy see-through. It is well suited for the certain computer to screen systems, as even with the short pixilated exposures, the stencil, due to innovative gray coloration exposes through well throughout the thickness of the stencils, forming dense crosslinking on the squeegee side of the screen.

With Platinum, it is possible to use less costly white mesh without the closing up of fine lines and details. 

Despite its anti-halation color, Platinum is ultra-fast-exposing!  It is perfect for shops with high stencil making throughput, as well as shops with fluorescent tubes or other low-intensity light sources. 

Platinum has high viscosity (12,000 – 14,000 centipoises) that improves control when coating screens by hand and makes it a good choice for coarse mesh.  Its high solids content (40-41%) results in better mesh bridging and edge definition, and fast drying.  Platinum stencils are durable, will not become tacky under high humidity conditions, and have excellent wet strength and exposure latitude.  Platinum reduces stencil-making time—in coating (because of its high viscosity), drying (due to its high solids), and exposure (due to its high photo-sensitivity despite its “masking color”). 



Gray color

Contrast facilitates stencil inspection
Good see-through for visual multicolor registration

Enhanced formulation

Resists water-based textile inks and plastisols
Premixed and presensitized

High (40-41%) solids content

Good buildup of EOM per coating stroke
Good printed edge definition; fast drying

High (12,000 – 14,000 centipoise) viscosity

Easier to control during coating, even on coarse mesh

Shelf Life

Unopened: 1 year at 70º F (21º C)

COLOR : Gray

SOLIDS : 40-41%

VISCOSITY : 12,000 – 14,000 cps