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New & Improved Formula! 25% Faster & Easier Reclaiming!

New & Improved POLYCOL®  CROSSOVER is a medium high viscosity, pre-sensitized SBQ-photo-polymer emulsion for printing with plastisol, UV-curable and mild solvent-based ink systems.

Excellent resolution and very good mesh bridging combined with great expo-sure latitude make it suitable for fine detail and 4-color process printing. POLYCOL®  CROSSOVER develops quickly and easily. Its medium high viscosity provides good coating ability on all common mesh counts used for garment printing.

POLYCOL®  CROSSOVER does not suffer from “solvent lock”, a phenomenon commonly associated with many pre-sensitized emulsions used for garment printing, which makes it easy to reclaim. The exposure time of POLYCOL® CROSSOVER is about four times faster than diazo and “dual cure” emulsions.

Viscosity: 10,000 mPas
Solids content: 38%

Container sizes: Quart, 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums.
Color: Red

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Technical Information (TI)- instructions on usage and description of physical properties.

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