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POLYCOL DRY-TOUCH is a pre-sensitized SBQ-photopolymer emulsion for textile printing with plastisol and silicone inks and graphics printing with UV and mild solvent-based inks. Its anti-tack surface will not stick to inkjet film positives. Its teal color provides high transparency for easy see-through registration.

POLYCOL DRY-TOUCH features high solids, fast drying, fast exposure and easy reclaiming. It is also compatible with Computer-to-Screen imaging systems that utilize water-based inks. Its wide exposure latitude makes it suitable for fine detail printing.

Viscosity: 9,000 mPas
Solids content: 41%

Container sizes: Quart, 1-gallon and 5-gallons.
Color: Teal
Product Number: 20806-(size)

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Technical Information (TI) - instructions on usage and description of physical properties.

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