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  • World’s finest inline multi-color print/cure system

  • Designed for everything from poly banner material to heavy board stock

  • Individually-controlled and infinitely-variable dual UV lamps

Processor II E™ is simply the finest inline multi-color print/cure system available. It has larger four-post shafts and enclosed heavy-duty printheads with extrusions twice as wide as the previous generation. Features include master touch-screen control panels at the load and unload stations, with secondary touch-screen panels at each printhead. Printhead and UV settings can be controlled from any touch-screen. Processor II E can support up to eight cameras feeding video into an oversize display panel, allowing operators at the load and unload stations to closely monitor each printhead and the unloading process.

Electronic off-contact, print and flood speeds, front and rear carriage stop, and electronic peel are entered at any touch-screen. Electronic peel starts at zero from the starting position of the print stroke. Operators can use M&R’s Job Recall™ to store each print & cure parameter as an operator-named job, and then recall that job for subsequent print runs. Jobs can also be assigned a bar code, which can later be scanned from a master list or from the paperwork that accompanies print runs. M&R’s optional Zoned Vacuum System™ allows operators to quickly limit vacuum to the area under the substrate. Also available is M&R’s Heritage, a fully-adjustable suction-style takeoff that adapts to virtually any substrate.

Each dual-lamp UV head is independently controlled for optimum performance. M&R’s reflector technology directs reflected energy back to the substrate. It cools substrates by drawing ambient air across the substrate and venting heated air and ozone through open-top reflectors. Since Processor II E maximizes curing speed and minimizes substrate temperatures, operators can find a perfect match for virtually every curing requirement.

Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 1133 l/min (40 cfm)
Electrical Requirements 400 V, 3 ph, 543 A, 50 Hz, 295 kW
460 V, 3 ph, 472 A, 60 Hz, 295 kW
Length of Additional Print/Cure Stations 361 cm (142”)
Maximum Frame Size 208 x 269 x 6.4 cm (82” x 106” x 2.5”)
Maximum Image Area 163 x 203 cm (64” x 80”)
Overall Size 2256 x 366 x 163 cm (74’ x 12' x 64”)
Print/UV Cure Stations 2-6
UV Lamps 4-12
Standard Features


  • Servo-driven index ensures accurate, smooth travel
  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • 2-6 colors (4 colors standard)
  • All printhead and UV controls—including central off-contact, stroke length, and ink dip—are available at the main control panel and at each printhead
  • Control panel is easy to navigate, with programming and prompts in plain language
  • Digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics
  • Dwell and load station vacuum times are independently managed from the control panel
  • Flood/non-flood setting allows screens to be flooded or left unflooded after each print cycle
  • Foot pedal pauses machine cycle, releases vacuum at the load table, and keeps paper locators firmly against the vacuum bed
  • Job Recall™ allows storage and recall of numerous standard and optional functions and settings, including electronically controlled dwell time, index speed, off-contact, peel ratio, print stroke and flood stroke length & speed, squeegee pressure (electronically adjusted air pressure), and wattage settings on UV cure units
  • Master touch-screen control panels at the load and unload stations, with secondary touch-screen panels at each printhead
  • Press can index in either direction so that during proofing the operator can alter the order of screen/color application on test prints without having to tear down and set up for each variation
  • Production speed monitor ensures more accurate job costing
  • Touch screen panel with alphanumeric display at the main station and digital keypads with LCD display at each print station
  • Delivers optimal cure to heat-sensitive and heat-resistant stock
  • Digital elapsed time meter monitors lamp life
  • Dual UV lamps feature recallable settings and are independently controlled
  • Lamp controllers are located at each print station and at the main control panel
  • Pneumatically-operated housings simplify maintenance and lamp changing
  • UV heads are independently controlled
  • Automatic oiler for chains and rails
  • Designed for everything from poly banner material to heavy board stock
  • Maintenance-free servo motors
  • Printheads maintain machine registration with four-post locking
  • Electronically adjustable ink retrieval system keeps ink in the print area. See it in action!
  • Above-table double-sided sheet locator allows operator to load from any corner for double-sided work
  • Moveable load table simplifies the loading of smaller substrates
  • Tool-free four-corner off-contact settings allow quick and accurate screen leveling
  • Zero off-contact capability increases control over print quality
  • Electronic peel starts at zero from the starting position of the print stroke
  • Flat-flood capability
  • Infinitely adjustable within range
  • Carriage high lift setting allows users to unload screens while leaving squeegees and floodbars in the press, reducing setup and teardown times
  • Center cylinder provides uniform pressure across the carriage
  • Digital readout for print/flood speed adjustments in percentage format
  • Dynamic braking prevents the print carriage from drifting into the printing area
  • Independent drives for print carriage and head lift
  • Servo-driven carriage insures accurate, smooth travel
  • Stroke length can be adjusted at the printhead or at the main control panel
  • Inline indexing table maintains precise registration throughout the printing and curing cycles
  • Master frame with micro-registration adjustments and visual guides allow quick and easy setup
  • Proprietary locator system for high-tolerance printing
  • Adjustable rear screen holders accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Front screen loading for fast screen changes
  • Pneumatic screen clamps
  • Calibrated independent and micro-adjustable pressure settings
  • Dripless squeegee attachment automatically flips to the opposite direction against the front of the floodbar before the flood stroke begins, preventing ink from dripping into the image area
  • Electronic and recallable adjustable pneumatic squeegee pressure equalizer maintains uniform pressure across the length of the squeegee
  • Electronic settings for print stroke length and flood stroke length eliminate the need for flags & proximity switches
  • Park position simplifies squeegee and floodbar installation and removal, and allows flood and squeegee to be raised and moved to the front or rear without flooding or printing
  • Pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks with tool-free angle adjustment
  • Squeegee and floodbar traverse speeds can be set individually
  • Tool-free pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks
  • Tool-free pressure and angle adjustments are independently set
  • Traverse speeds are digitally displayed as percentages
  • 5.08 cm (2”) thick heavy-gauge anodized aluminum vacuum bed is drilled using computerized numerical control (CNC)
  • Adjustable vacuum at load station aids operator in loading stock
  • High-volume vacuum turbine system easily adjusts to different stock type and thickness
  • Vacuum and blowback are each independent and adjustable
  • Vacuum track holds substrates securely during print and high-speed transport operations
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Parts & supplies are available online at




  • M&R’s Heritage™ is a fully adjustable suction-style takeoff that adapts to virtually any substrate
  • Zoned vacuum beds allow operators to limit vacuum to the area under the substrate