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PROCLAIM | Easy to Reclaim, Fineline Dual-Cure

Proclaim, a diazo-photopolymer (dual-cure) emulsion formulated to provide unequalled exposure latitude and ease of decoating, even if underexposed and used with aggressive inks and washup solvents. If you're having reclaiming problems, this is the way to go! Proclaim is multi-purpose, fast exposing, and provides superb resolution and acutance.

Its high solids content (37%) provides better stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and fast drying. Proclaim has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to a wide variety of solvent-based inks, as well as water-based UV. Proclaim is very suitable for general purpose graphics, textile, and industrial applications. Latitude, resolution, and edge definition are excellent, which makes it ideal for fine line and halftone printing.

Proclaim is light blue in color; light green with diazo added. Exposed areas revert back to the original blue color, providing a built-in indicator of adequate exposure.

For the best contrast, use Red Blockout.


  • 28UFPROCLAIM 28 ounces (0.83 liters)

  • 1GUFPROCLAIM 1 gallon (3.785 liters) 4 per case

  • 5GUFPROCLAIM 5 gallons (18.927 liters)

  • 50GUFPROCLAIM 50 gallons (189.27 liters)

  • Premeasured diazo sensitizer is included with each unit.

  • Shelf life 4-6 weeks after adding diazo

  • Coated mesh shelflife 4 weeks

Product Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (English)

COLOR : Light Blue

SOLIDS : 37%

SENSITIZER : Diazo Dual Cure



305 MESH 1K MH SPEED (EST.) : 190 seconds

305 MESH 5K MH SPEED (EST.) : 38 seconds