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PROCLAIM™EC PLUS | Diazo Free (RD Sensitizing Technology) Dual-Cure Emulsion; Good Resistance to Solvent-Based Inks.

PROCLAIM™ EC PLUS, using RD Sensitizing Technology, is a diazo-free, ready-to-use dual-cure emulsion modeled after Ulano’s LX-660. It does not require sensitizing: no mixing of diazo powder with water, no stirring of diazo solution into the emulsion, and no waiting time for de-bubbling.  PROCLAIM™ EC PLUS is formulated to provide good resistance to UV and solvent-based inks.  It is thus suitable for virtually all general graphics and industrial applications.  PROCLAIM™ EC PLUS is greenish-blue in color.  Please note that PROCLAIM™ EC PLUS must be used under yellow safelight conditions.



No diazo to dissolve, mix into the emulsion, or de-grassing waiting time

Faster stencil making
Eliminates mixing errors

Dual-cure emulsion fast exposure speed

Fast stencil throughput for high volume shops
Assures thorough exposure
Dependable polymerization assures durability and ink resistance
Excellent wet strength, exposure latitude, and durability

Dual-cure emulsion resolution and durability

Finer stencil details and acutance (edge sharpness)
Extended printing runs without image deterioration

Dual-cure emulsion water and solvent resistace

Resists solvent-based inks and washup solvents
Resists some water-based and co-solvent inks

Extended shelf life

Unopened: 18 months at 21º C. (70º F.)