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QLT /QLT RED | Pre-Sensitized Solvent Resistant Emulsion - If used with diazo, excellent resistance for long runs with water-based inks.

We introduced QLT in April 2008 as an ultra-fast SBQ textile emulsion with high viscosity (7,200 CPS) and solids (+ 43%). Almost as an afterthought, we mentioned that it resists most washup solvents. That has proved to be a key feature now that many ink manufacturers are reformulating plastisols to eliminate phthalates as plasticizers. As it happens, the replacement plasticizers contain more aggressive solvents. QLT is quickly gaining new imprinted sportswear customers who now require an emulsion with better solvent resistance



Pre-sensitized with SBQ

Convenience: no measuring or mixing
Long shelf and coated screen life
Fast exposing

Contains texturing agents

Easy post-printing-stroke life under high humidity conditions
Reduced hydrostatic attraction in low humidity; no ink "feathering"

Wide exposure latitude

Reliable performance in less-than-ideal shop conditions
Easy to decoat, even if underexposed/used with aggressive solvents

High (7,200 centipoise) viscosity

Easier to control during coating, even on coarse mesh

43% solids content

Good EOM (emulsion over mesh thickness) buildup per coat

Special wetting agents

Excellent coatability
Forgiving of poor mesh preparation


  • 28UFQLT 28 ounces (0.83 liters) - Contact your Ulano distributor for a testing sample

  • 1GUFQLT 1 gallon (3.785 liters)

  • 5GUFQLT 5 gallons (18.927 liters)

  • 50GUFQLT 50 gallons (189.175 liters)

Increase water resistance with separate diazo - Exposure required will increase with diazo added

  • C62 for 28 ounce size

  • C10-D for 1G size

  • C-69 for 5G size

Product Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (Spanish)

Tech Data Sheet (Spanish)- QLT RED

COLOR : Blue | Red

SOLIDS : 43%

VISCOSITY : 7,200 cps



WATER RESISTANCE : Excellent w/additional diazo

305 MESH BL SPEED (EST.) : 180 seconds

305 MESH 1K MH SPEED (EST.) : 15 seconds

305 MESH 5K MH SPEED (EST.) : 8 seconds

SHELF LIFE : 18 months in cool dry storage