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QT-THIX | High Viscosity Emulsion for High Density Printing and Other Thick Ink-Film Applications

QT-THIX is a ready-to-use, SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for the production of thick stencils for manufacturing and decorating applications requiring ultra-thick ink-film deposits through coarse mesh using plastisol, water-based, or non-aggressive solvent inks and pastes. These applications include high density, puff, and lenticular effects for imprinted sportswear; peelable solder masks in the electronics industry; false mosaic and leading effects for glass and ceramic decorating; and screen printed gaskets and seals. QT-THIX’s extremely high viscosity (60,000 CPS) provides superb coating control. Its high solids content (52%) results in excellent mesh bridging on coarse mesh, and fast drying. Its red color affords easy stencil inspection. QT-THIX stencils are extremely durable and will not become tacky under high humidity conditions. Even very thick QT-THIX stencils hold printing details well. QT-THIX is easy to reclaim.



High viscosity

Easier to control during coating
Thick stencils without face coats

Very fast exposing

Dependable polymerization assures durability and ink resistance

Water resistant

Resists plastisols and most washup solvents
Will not become tacky under high humidity conditions
Excellent wet strength during lengthy washout

High (52%) solids content

Excellent build per coat
Better mesh bridging on coarse screens
Lower RZ value yields sharper printed edges

Red color

Easy stencil insepction, even on colored mesh

Shelf Life

Unopened: 1 year at 70º F (21º C)

QT-THIX is available in 28 ounce, 1 (US)-gallon, 5-gallon, and 50-gallon units (0.03, 3.78, ≈ 18.9, and ≈189.2 liters, respectively). 28 ounce units are packaged 12 per case; 1-gallon units are packaged 4 per carton; 5 and 50 U.S. gallon units are packaged individually.

Product Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (English)

Tech Data Sheet (Spanish)

Tech Data Sheet (Portugese)


SOLIDS : 52%

VISCOSITY : 60,000 cps




SHELF LIFE : 1 year in cool, dry storage