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QX-6 | Fast-Exposing, SBQ-Dual Cure “Hybrid” Solvent Resistant Emulsion for Industrial and PCB Printing; Ideal for Computer-To-Screen LED and Laser Exposure Units

QX-6 (former DP-810) is a universal SBQ-dual cure emulsion with superior resolution for industrial graphics and electronics printing (PCB and conductive traces), compatible with UV and virtually all solvent-based Inks. QX-6 is formulated for sensitivity to UV and near-UV-visible blue light, by means of UV LED and laser-based computer-to-screen exposure. It can be also exposed with traditional metal halide light sources. QX-6 features very fast exposure speed, while offering excellent exposure latitude. It provides non-tacky surfaces, high humidity resistance, and good durability with easy reclamation. QX-6 features excellent resolution, good edge definition, and very good wet strength. By using specially optimized sensitizers and given its light blue color, QX-6 facilitates excellent exposure light penetration, ensures thorough curing, eliminating or reducing latent haze on the mesh after decoating.



Specially Optimized Sensitizers

Ideal for computer-to-screen UV LED and UV laser-based exposure units

Excellent through-exposure curing

Easy reclamation with minimal or no haze

Wide Exposure Latitude

Reliable performance in less than ideal shop conditions

Easy to reclaim, even if underexposed and used with aggressive solvents

Pre-sensitized; pure photopolymer (SBQ)

No mixing; ready-to-use
Idea for warm, humid climates
Long pot and coated screen life

37% solids content

Fast drying and stencil throughput
Good stencil build per coat

Good solvent resistance

Easy to reclaim

Moisture Resistant

Will not become tacky under high humidity conditions

Light Blue Color

Good see-through registration
Excellent through-exposure curing

QX-6 is available in U.S. 1 and 5 gallon units (≈ 3.78 and 18.9 liters, respectively).

Product Fact Sheet (English)