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  • Adapts to virtually any substrate

  • Compatible with all M&R takeoff-ready flatbed graphic presses

  • Grippers feature tool-free adjustment and can be used in any combination

Sentry™, M&R’s fully adjustable gripper-style takeoff for flatbed graphic presses, removes substrates quickly, carefully, and consistently. In addition to revolutionizing the takeoff process, Sentry dramatically reduces labor costs by reducing the number of people needed to operate the press. It adapts to virtually any substrate, and it’s compatible with all M&R takeoff-ready graphic presses. Everything necessary for takeoff operation is included. Most takeoff functions are accessed at the control panel of the press. Captured bearings eliminate rocking and assure smooth movement. Together, they help ensure years of dependable service by minimizing wear and tear.

The grippers feature tool-free adjustment and can be used in any combination. They can be positioned from side-to-side and moved forward and back on the takeoff housing. Grippers provide a firm yet gentle grip on substrates. The air regulator allows operators to establish the precise gripper pressure for each substrate, from poly banner material to heavy board stock. Sentry’s drive unit is inclusive, making Sentry fully self-contained. Repositionable start/stop flags are located on the front side of the takeoff for safety and convenience.

M&R takeoff units are built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL), and are backed by a one-year limited warranty and a 24-hour hotline staffed 365 days a year. Engineered for dependable performance and low maintenance, they’re ideal for demanding high-production environments.

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