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STAHLS - 6" Pre-Cut Numbers (Pack of 10)


*All Letters:

  • Foreground Letters
  • Varsity Font
  • Thermo-FILM Material

STAHLS’ Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers are the most popular choice for personalizing team uniforms. Pre-Cuts feature fast application and low cost, with high quality finishes and durability.

Stocking Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers is perfect for walk-in business and allows you to create last-minute player additions. You can easily personalize as little as one uniform. Pre-Cuts are also great for on-demand events where you can personalize on-site.

 Download Pre-Cut At-A-Glance

Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers are available in the most popular CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl, including Thermo-FILM® and Premium Plus™.

  • Choose from Easy Teams® sets, kits, or packs to refill
  • Cost-effective for personalization on demand
  • Sew and no-sew options available
  • All letters and numbers are based on foreground sizing. Adding a background contour will increase the height and width of each letter or number.
 Please note: Number size indicates foreground size. Number with added outline will be larger.