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  • Print both the main graphic and the neck tag in one step

  • Available in two sizes: 12"x18" and 16"x23.5"

  • Compatible with all standard M&R automatic and manual presses

The Tag Along® pallet (Licensed Patent # US9302462B2, USD76577551), developed by Livingston Systems, dramatically reduces the steps, labor, handling, and overall process of printing garments with custom name tags. It utilizes its patented design to allow the front of the garment and the inside neck tag to be printed at the same time, avoiding the extra cost and time of re-setting up the garment for printing a neck tag. Only one setup is needed on the press for both front and neck tag locations. By combining the neck tagging pass with the main graphic pass, less screens need to be created. If the same colors are used, both neck tag and front print locations can be imaged on the same screens.

Tag-Along pallets fit on all standard M&R manual and automatic presses, with no special installation or added costs involved. And the best part? No additional training is required—just adjust your loading and unloading shirt process to stay at production speeds!

It can dramatically increase profitability for neck-tagging jobs by reducing production time significantly. This is accomplished by printing both the main graphic and the neck tag in one pass and a single dryer cure. No other solution competes with the efficiencies that Tag Along pallets provide. Other neck-tagging solutions require a second dryer pass, further handling of the garment, and the requirement for more floor space in the shop for a stand-alone device. No additional floor space is needed—it’s all built into the pallet itself!

Resources & Specs

Product Brochure

Dimensions 30x46 cm (12"x18")
Pallet Size: Large 30x33 cm (12"x13")
Pallet Size: Small 7x7 cm (3"x3")