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The Tag Bot® is a patented, and patent pending, three part system that allows your existing automated screen press to print neck tags concurrently with main print. The Tag Bot® is:
  • Tag Along® pallets:  Part 1 of the Tag Bot®. The pallet’s patented design offers dual printing surfaces. This allows for doubling the output within one rotation of the press.
  • Print Head Adaptor:  Part 2 of the Tag Bot®. This patented design mounts onto one of your print heads and allows that station to print your neck label/tag. This is usually positioned in the cool-down station so there is not a lost color. The design allows for quick size changes and maintains full front graphic sizes.
  • Auto Loader/Unloader:  This patent pending 3rd component adds automation, speed, and consistency to the system while reducing operator fatigue.
Tag Bot™ prints the neck and front graphic all on one spin around the press, hence only one dryer run as well. It’s an affordable patented technology that will literally cut 50% of the time it typically takes to add neck tags to a shirt with a main chest graphic.

Imagine no more second handling of the garment and no additional staff to operate a stand-alone neck tag machine. Tag Bot® is the most time and labor efficient way to add neck tags and chest graphics. Consider the increased profit if your shirts came off your press already tagged. There is simply no way to match the speed and labor savings via any other neck tagging process in the industry.

It’s simple to operate, creates no limitations to chest graphic size, nor does it slow down the press. Bottom line, it turns the tagging process from a traditionally unprofitable, time consuming, undesirable operation into a profitable option you will now want to quote for your customers.