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Right now our industry is dominated by embroidery on hats, so here at ASPE we thought, what if we can print the tread instead of stitching it?
Printing the designs directly onto the hat will allow you to have a lower cost per impression and will also greatly increase your production speeds.
Screen printing is more flexible of adding designs to your caps or hats. The equipment used in screen printing varies greatly depending on the size, type of materials and how many colors are needed. One of the best advantages of hats and caps is that they are easily customized. You can choose the design, material, size, color, and logo. You can also choose to print your trademark or brand name on them in different styles. Cap – Hat Screen Printing Machine is a machine that prints caps and hats. It’s used for single or two- to four-color printing.

  • 10x Station
  • 4x Print Heads
  • 4x High Density Flash Cure Units
  • Print Size 4 ″ X 3 ″ | 10 cm x 7.5 cm
  • Frame Size 5″ x 10″ | 12.5 cm x 25.4 cm
  • This frame is a special custom-made design.
Key Features
  • Dwell set up
  • Parts Counter
  • Stepper Motor Indexer
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Squeegee Angle Adjustment
  • High-Density Flash Cure Units
  • Print Accuracy of .001″ | 0.02mm
  • Adjustable Stroke and flood speed
  • Parts Sensor (no product no print)
  • Pneumatic Screen Locks
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Index Speed Set up
  • Curing Time Set up
  • Stroke adjustment
  • Micro Registration